Yoga Professional Wheel Waist Shape

$37.99 $54.99
  • Support up to 660lbs, durable TPE plastic provides the back support you need for spine stretches and it will not flex under your weight.
  • [DEEPEN YOUR YOGA]: Add this dharma yoga wheel to your bag of yoga accessories! This yoga prop helps yogis achieve and deepen yoga poses, specifically with backbends, forearm balances and headstands. Great yoga wheel for stretching too! A must add to your yoga set!
  • [MORE THAN JUST YOGA] Immediately increase your flexibility and stretching, while strengthening your core and balance! Our yoga wheel will immediately stretch your entire body - hip flexors, abdomen, chest, shoulders and back. RELIEVE STRESS & TENSION with this dharma yoga wheel... say goodbye to back pain!
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY, COMFORT and DURABILITY] Our yoga wheel is made from the strongest and highest quality ABS and TPE material (eco friendly). The Wheel Yoga Wheel offers THICK NON-SLIP PADDING for ultimate comfort during the most difficult poses... even when sweaty! This quality will ensure that the wheel DOES NOT FLEX or BREAK and will last you throughout your yoga journey!
  • Perfectly portable and lightweight to take your Yoga Wheel to classes or take it on holiday with a weight of just 3.09 LB.

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