Wrist Weightlifting Training Support

$14.99 $21.99
  • TRAIN WITH A VERY LOOSE PRECISION GRIP to Minimize Arm Muscle Involvement when Isolating & Targeting those Hard to See Smaller Muscles of the Back & Shoulders; Get Noticeable Results with Light Grip Training.
  • SECURE YOUR GRIP TO THE BAR so You Can Lift Heavier Weights and Increase the Intensity of Your Workouts; Hang Longer & Lift Beyond Your Max Load to Really Exhaust Your Large Chain Muscles.
  • TWO SIZES DESIGNED for Women (small) & Men (large) in Mind; 22in/24in Extra Long Webbing; 6mm Thick & 2in Wide Neoprene Padding Extends Past Webbing Providing Wrist Support & Protection From Webbing Digging Into Your Skin; No Matter the Weight You're Lifting.
  • ENGINEERED SPECIFICALLY 70% POLY / 30% COTTON; Rock Climbers Trust Polyester for a Reason, it is Super Strong; Never Worry About a Strap Snapping in the Middle of a Deadlift Like with 100% Cotton; Straps Dry Quickly Just Throw Them in Your Gym Bag Till Next Time.
  • Proudly MADE IN CANADA and Backed with our 10 YEAR Manufacturer’s Warranty; A Must for Any Serious Trainer's Gym Bag.

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